why wonderwuzz

When we started developing our Wonderwuzz play sofa there was nothing comparable in the European market. Since then, game sofas have become increasingly popular and we are experiencing a real boom in European and imported game sofas. We always get the question about what makes the Wonderwuzz play sofa so special and why you should invest in our high-quality play sofa. We are convinced that we have created the best play sofa in the European market and we would like to make your research easier and list what we consider to be the most important points.


We know that our Wonderwuzz is an investment - and our goal was to make our game modules as versatile as possible.
That's why we put extra time and effort into all of our products
invested in making them as diverse as possible. Our play sofa, for example, has a connecting zipper between two seat cushions. The zipper provides additional flexibility, meaning the Wonderwuzz seat cushions can be used as four individual square seat cushions or connected as two larger cushions. With the guest bed module you can make the size of the connected pillows even more variable. This makes the Wonderwuzz the most versatile play sofa, plus it saves you extra time when you have to put a pillowcase in the machine!


You can build and play a lot with our play sofa alone. But we didn't want to stop there and give our children even more opportunities to let their creativity and energy run wild. We have therefore developed four additional play modules: the slide set, the roller set, the rocker and the stool, the dimensions of which perfectly match our play sofa. The guest bed module is our newest additional module and unique on the market! This allows you to expand the play sofa into a guest bed for adults, either as a single bed (80cm wide) or even as a double bed (160cm wide) with the standard length of 200cm.


We have been looking for a long time for a European fabric manufacturer that meets our requirements. We wanted a fabric that was sustainable, had a high-quality look and feel, had a nice selection of colors and that still looked like new after years of intensive use. We chose a fabric made from recycled polyester because only polyester has the durability needed for such heavily used children's sofas. Our Classic fabrics are made from 60% recycled materials and all of our fabrics are tested according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100. The sustainable production of our Classic fabric uses over 40% less energy, over 50% less water and almost 50% less CO2 than conventional polyester upholstery fabrics. We stand behind our quality 100% and are proud that our play sofas still look just as good as the new ones even after 2 years (there are no older ones yet 😊).


Most of our play sofa, the foam, comes from
Germany and is Ökotex 100 and also TÜV certified. Of course, foam from many neighboring countries would be cheaper, but we want to be sure, especially with a chemically manufactured product like foam, that it is produced under the highest quality and safety standards. Ultimately, our children should play with it for a long time without hesitation.

We buy our fabrics in the Netherlands and they are hand-sewn by a small sewing shop in Lithuania. We do everything ourselves in our warehouse in Germany for the compilation, quality control, packaging and shipping. Every product is checked and approved by our team before shipping. We are still a small team, but we are proud to strengthen Germany as a location and create our own jobs.


We have tested many foams and for each part
appropriate foam was selected rather than taking a “one-size-fits-all” approach. We made sure to find a good compromise between a weight and quality suitable for children and thus durability (heavy foam is of higher quality than light foam). The best play sofa needs the best foam!

We also refrain from compressing our play sofas for shipping. Shipping would be so much easier and cheaper if we compressed our Wonderwuzz like other brands. Why don't we do that? Because compression compromises the structure and longevity of the foam and we focus on creating the best, most durable and highest quality product possible. Because our products are never compressed, they can stay in the box for longer.


The Wonderwuzz play sofa is the perfect sofa for design-minded parents who are looking for versatile, beautiful and durable furniture solutions for their children and their beautiful home. The Wonderwuzz products are available in eight beautiful, neutral colors that fit into any children's room, play room or living room. We have chosen a soft and firm fabric from the classic upholstered furniture industry that is good for design
Children's room or the adult sofa. We attach great importance to high-quality workmanship and loving details, so that with our play sofa, for example, you don't have to worry about your feet getting caught in the handles or the zipper scratching the walls.

We developed the Wonderwuzz products for our children and value the best quality that you can see and that lasts throughout childhood.


We do not claim to have invented the concept of a play sofa.
Gaming sofas were invented in the USA (the “Nugget”). Like all other manufacturers in Europe, we took inspiration there, but have
Unlike many others, our products have been further developed. We are the
As the first manufacturer on the market to use sustainable materials, we equipped the play sofas with our design and expanded them with the guest bed module to create a fully-fledged double bed for guests. We are always working on new, innovative additional modules and variants of our play sofa. Our design and innovations have also been recognized and protected by the German Patent Office.