Product Information

The fabric of our playcouch and addon modules consists of 60% recycled polyester (from PET bottles) and 40% polyester. The foam core is made of PU foam from Germany with different degrees of hardness, depending on shape and use.

We are Made in Germany and EU. We produce our modular play furniture fairly and regionally in Germany and Lithuania. The heart of our furniture - the foam - is produced in Germany and the cover is sewn in Lithuania. Our furniture is then finished, packaged and shipped in our warehouse in Germany.

Our playcouch consists of eight individual pieces: four square seat cushions, two of which can be connected with a zipper, two triangular backrests and two rectangular armrests.

There is no getting around the fact that foam is made from non-renewable resources and is therefore not the best for the environment. Unfortunately there is no alternative yet and so we have made it as sustainable as possible - our foam is manufactured locally in Germany under strict environmental regulations and the quality is so good that it will last for many years and can then be moved on to another home not in the recycling center! There are now more and more sustainable solutions when it comes to fabric and we chose a robust and sustainable fabric made from recycled PET bottles.

Children are full of imagination and will come up with lots of ideas about what they would like to build. In case you need inspiration from outside, we have put together an activity guide with lots of great game ideas. You can also find lots of inspiration on our Instagram page @wonderwuzz

Expensive is relative. Of course, this is a large sum, but over the entire playing- and lifespan, this is put into perspective. The modular play sofa is so convertible that you can avoid buying many other pieces of furniture, such as a guest mattress or a play mat. But you also have to ask yourself critically how much money you spend on so-called age-appropriate toys, which often become uninteresting after one or two years at the latest. We also offer the opportunity to give you vouchers and or to buy the sofa as two armchairs one at a time.

Product care

Our cover material is dirt-repellent. If something major goes wrong, you can first try to wipe it away with a damp cloth (wet wipes are also ideal). If not everything comes out, you can simply remove the covers and wash them in the washing machine at 30°C.

Yes! The covers are removable and washable in the washing machine at 30°C. To dry, please hang or lay it down and do not put it in the dryer! Before putting on the covers, leave them a little damp, then it will be easier.

Order and delivery

Yes! You can order color samples of all colors in the shop.

In addition to your play sofa/play furniture, you will receive an activity guide and a small carabiner. The activity guide is intended to inspire you with what you can build with the play furniture. Children usually don't need this, they just build on it, but unfortunately we parents are often no longer as creative and need inspiration from outside.

The carabiner is used when you need to remove a cover. Our zippers do not have a puller for various reasons - including safety, aesthetics and protection of your walls. If you need to remove the cover and wash it, you pull the carabiner through the opening and can then easily open the zipper.

We accept all common payment methods. Maestro, Visa, Mastercard, Apple and Google Pay, Paypal, Shop Pay and Klarna Sofort.

We mostly have our products in stock. If this is the case, we can process and ship your orders within a few days.

Shipping within Germany and Austria is free.
Shipping outside of Germany and Austria is subject to a charge, depending on which delivery zone your country is in. If your country is not supported at checkout, please send us an email and we will see that we can find a solution together. For shipping to Switzerland, please visit www.wonderwuzz.ch, shipping is also free.

The play furniture is sent packed in a cardboard box. The play sofa is always shipped in several boxes. Since we're trying to avoid plastic as much as possible, it would be good if the box didn't get wet or have to sit in the rain while it waits for you to get home. We deliberately avoid sending our play sofa vacuum packed in a smaller package because this compromises the quality and longevity of the foam.

You have the option to return the play furniture 30 days after receiving the goods. To do this, the goods must be in perfect, unused condition and returned in the original packaging.

Are you an educational institution?

Just write us an email to hello@wonderwuzz.com