Our Story

Where does the name WONDERWUZZ come from?

Wunder·wuz·zi /Wunderwuzzi

/ noun, masculine

[the] Austrian colloquial


Wonderwuzz is our modernized version of the word Wunderwuzzi. Wunderwuzzi or Multitalent symbolizes exactly what our play furniture is all about. They are true all-rounders! Whether it's a digger, a shop or a princess castle, whether it's playing, moving around or relaxing, the children can always do whatever they want with them.

who are we?


Two sons and a bonus son

German roots and Swiss wings

Former management consultant and now passionate entrepreneur



A daughter and two house cats

Born in Germany but found happiness in Switzerland

Textile and clothing engineer with a lot of love for people (big and small)

Nature lover

who are we?

Why did we found Wonderwuzz?

We want to give children the opportunity to play freely and independently. They can decide for themselves whether they want to build something, do role-play, move or relax and read a book. The play furniture is designed in such a way that even small children can handle it in terms of design - e.g. with handles, weight and size.

We want to give parents a chance to take a breath and let the children play alone with a clear conscience. With our play furniture, children can keep themselves occupied for a long time; there are neither hard corners nor sharp edges that they can injure themselves on.

For the sake of our environment, we want to develop products that accompany our children throughout their entire childhood and do not become uninteresting again after the next stage of development. Their simple and beautiful design never goes out of fashion and their multifunctionality means they fit into both the baby's and later the teen's room. We make no compromises when it comes to quality, the avoidance of pollutants and environmental compatibility.

How did the idea for WONDERWUZZ come about?

Another Corona story... we can't all hear it anymore, but that's how it was...

During the first lockdown, my son developed from a chubby and rather comfortable baby into a running toddler with a great need for movement.

We were suddenly faced with the completely new challenge of keeping him occupied on cold and rainy days in everyday pandemic life without play dates and indoor entertainment options.

We learned quickly

- He is happiest when he is allowed to jump and climb on the bed or on our couch

- Movement, jumping, romping, gymnastics not only tire him out, but also keep him busy for much longer

Therefore, I wanted to buy a play sofa for our guest room-turned-playroom that would help us solve all our problems.
However, while playcouches were already quite a hype in the USA and Australia, it was impossible to find anything in Europe that could meet our needs.

So Wonderwuzz was born out of necessity. Even though starting this company was challenging during my second pregnancy and then with a newborn and a toddler at home, I have never had so much fun working in my entire life. After over a year of design and development work, we were finally able to present our first modular play furniture. We hope you are just as excited about the endless possibilities and limitless play for your children!