Mitwachsendes Kinderschreibtischset JANNE und BENTE von LENATUREL

Children's desk set JANNE and BENTE from LENATUREL grows with you

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Are you looking for a desk for your child? But is it important to you that it not only looks beautiful, but was also produced fairly and sustainably? And should it grow with you?

The JANNE children's desk from LENATUREL is made of solid maple wood from sustainable European forestry and is manufactured near Heidelberg. The table linoleum on its surface is a welcome touch of color and at the same time a “built-in” desk pad, because its surface is pleasantly soft and durable.

JANNE can be adjusted in two different heights. This means it can accompany your child from a height of approx. 119cm to approx. 167cm. So from preschool through to secondary school.

At the back, the JANNE desk has a hidden compartment for multiple sockets and chargers. There are also practical wooden strips on its writing surface, which prevent pens from rolling away and at the same time hold the desk attachments with which JANNE can be expanded. It has two drawers in which an A4 format fits.

A very special highlight are the two secret compartments in which all small treasures, letters, memories and one or two sweets can be hidden from prying eyes (and mouths 😊).

Matching the JANNE desk is the BENTE stool, which also grows with you. It is very stable and stable and wide enough that two children can sit next to each other on it.

Timeless, minimalist design, consistently sustainable materials and production at the highest level of craftsmanship: we can really recommend the children's desk set with all our hearts!

You can find more information at . At LENATUREL you will also find desks for teenagers and adults!

And by the way, Lena also has a great blog about sustainable furniture and everyday life with school children:

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