Energie verbrennen mit unseren favorite Wonderwuzz MOVE-Figuren

Burn energy with our favorite Wonderwuzz MOVE figures

Posted by Julia Senser on

Autumn is here and brings with it colder and wetter days. Playing outside and burning off children's energy is becoming more and more challenging and time-consuming. But what if we said there was also a way to burn off all that energy indoors in a way that was fun and creative? That's exactly what the Wonderwuzz, the modular play sofa for children, offers.

The Wonderwuzz enables us and our children to design fun and varied courses together that not only stimulate motor skills, but also provide plenty of exercise.

Kids can practice their athletic skills with the "double wedge jump" like a real Ninja Warrior track. And for those who have our RI-RA slides, the fun is expanded even further. A circular jumping course, where the little ones dare to do new jumps again and again, keeps them busy for hours.

But it's not just the older children who get their money's worth. The crawling course is also perfect for the youngest children. The older siblings, on the other hand, can practice jumping over the obstacles. A real community experience for all siblings!

And who hasn't dreamed of climbing a mountain and looking at the world from the top? With the Wonderwuzz this dream comes true. Children can climb the "Zugspitze", feel like real mountain climbers for a moment and then climb or slide down again.

The super slide, however, is the undisputed favorite. Here, children of all ages can climb up again and again and slide down independently. And with a clever climbing aid consisting of a rocker and stool, even the smaller explorers can quickly get back to the top.

The Wonderwuzz is the perfect toy for rainy days and for parents looking for ways to keep their children active and happy.

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