Ab welchem Alter profitiert mein Kind von einem Spielsofa?

At what age does my child benefit from a play sofa?

Posted by Julia Senser on

You will get the full benefit of our play sofa if you purchase it as early as possible. Our play couch is a nice community gift for the birth, the baby's first Christmas or the 1st birthday. At this age, children hardly need toys, but many friends and relatives would like to give them something.

What can a little baby do with a play sofa?

A play sofa is a comfortable and safe environment for babies to play and learn. The soft padding of the sofa protects this
Child from bumps and injuries while exploring the world around them. For small babies, you can place a play arch on the soft fabric or attach an activity toy to the handles.

After a few months, a play sofa is a gentle and stable surface to practice motor skills and coordination, for example for tummy time, spinning or sitting on the sofa and improving balance and stability.

When the baby is old enough to crawl, he or she will have a lot of fun with our crawling course and can pull himself up on the seat cushions or push the triangles around the room as a walking aid. In this age
Babies also love our slides. Since they are covered with fabric, they don't move so quickly and even babies can slide on their own (under supervision, of course).

The more mobile and eager to explore the children become, the more benefits our modular children's sofa offers them. Descending backwards, looking at a book, sliding or climbing for the first time - in the first 18 months, motor skills develop so quickly that you are happy when there is a safe place without hard corners and edges from which the children can try things out.